On Sun, Jun 03, 2007 at 12:34:06PM -0700, Garrett Cooper wrote:
> Chad Perrin wrote:
> >Someone I know tried installing Slackware on a Thinkpad R52 to create a
> >triple-boot system (MS Windows and FreeBSD 6.2 as the other two, already
> >present on the system).  The Slackware install didn't get very far (the
> >installer is less than helpful -- wouldn't recognize a swap partition at
> >all), but apparently it got far enough to break the FreeBSD install.
> >
> >Any tips, hints, and suggestions about how exactly to go about fixing
> >the FreeBSD install (without overwriting the home partition and losing
> >the installed system configuration to minimize time lost getting things
> >back to "normal") would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.
> Go to gag.sf.net, get and install the bootloader, boot up FreeBSD, login 
> as root, run boot0cfg -B /dev/{drive_node} and reboot. Fixed (as long as 
> the user didn't seriously hose the system).

Thanks.  We'll give it a whirl.

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