On Sun, Jun 03, 2007 at 02:34:28PM -0500, Kevin Kinsey wrote:
> Chad Perrin wrote:
> >Someone I know tried installing Slackware on a Thinkpad R52 to create a
> >triple-boot system (MS Windows and FreeBSD 6.2 as the other two, already
> >present on the system).  The Slackware install didn't get very far (the
> >installer is less than helpful -- wouldn't recognize a swap partition at
> >all), but apparently it got far enough to break the FreeBSD install.
> >
> >Any tips, hints, and suggestions about how exactly to go about fixing
> >the FreeBSD install (without overwriting the home partition and losing
> >the installed system configuration to minimize time lost getting things
> >back to "normal") would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.
> What exactly is broken in the FBSD installation?  Just won't
> find enough bootstrap stuff to boot?

Shortly after the aborted Slackware install, the FreeBSD bootloader
still loaded, but chosing the FreeBSD option would just cause it to hang
rather than booting up the OS.  Since then, Debian has been installed in
the free space on the drive, with GRUB installed as the new bootloader,
and it doesn't list the FreeBSD option as existing at all.

> Some fairly recent threads on this list that might help:
> "Dual Boot Problems", March 1st, Sam Jones, Jerry McAllister,
>       Beech Rintoul
> "Changing Boot Loader", March 3rd, Tom Marchand, "Vince", 
>       Thomas Sparrevohn, Kevin Kinsey
> "Skipping F1 FreeBSD prompt on boot", May 12-15th, David
>       Landgren, Matthew Seaman, Sam Lawrence, Pieter de Goeje

I doubt the "Changing Boot Loader" thread would be much help, and I
don't think "Skipping F1 FreeBSD prompt on boot" sound relevant either.
I'll give them all a look, though.  Thanks for the suggestions.

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