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> I completely agree that Sun's licence is a hassle. Fortunately, in a
> year or two, we're going to have an open source Java platform meaning
> there will be no hassle with manual download while installing JRE/JDK.
> Combined with the great API, object-oriented nature of the language,
> free IDE for serious development (Eclipse and specifically Netbeans
> with a very capable Swing GUI visual editor) - this combination
> strikes me as something only Microsoft can compete with.

yeah, agreed - jdk is a hassle first time, but then it just chugs along.
Eclipse is quite good to work with - I've just found it easier / better? to
upgrade/install eclipse plugins via it's own install mechanism (help menu i
think) rather than ports (lots missing / old). The fact that all those plugins
work just fine shows that Java **is** a good solution for **my** desktop ;).

anyway, once JRE installed, all kinds of good apps are available, so the
initial hassle is worth it, IMHO.

anyway, my 0.02...

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