At 4:42a -0400 on 03 Jun 2007, VeeJay wrote:
> Actually, it was for the security reason that if somebody breaks in the
> server then he/she doesn't see what commands are being executed, etc,
> etc....
> and I am using /bin/sh
> any more comments?

I don't use /bin/sh on a regular basis (bash, for better or worse) so I
can't help you.

>From a security standpoint, I'm more wondering what makes you so worried
that someone will break in?  Would some suggestions from the community
about securing your system be helpful?  (I'm no security guru so don't
ask me . . . 8-< )

Also, why are you worried about them seeing what commands you've been
running?  My first thought is that at the point a malicious someone has
broken into your system, you have (much) bigger things to worry about.

But, to dumbly answer your question, see if sh looks for ~/.logout.  If
it does, have it remove ~/.history and clear the screen.  Or, if the
order of that doesn't work (if .logout is read /before/ .history is
written), 'chmod 000 .history'.

Best of luck,

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