Zbigniew Szalbot wrote:

> I will appreciate any help. When trying to install php5-extensions, I 
> get the following error:

If you really don't need the xorg-libraries (true for most web servers
for example) then there's an easy way to avoid them:

1. install all your ports with "make -DWITHOUT_X11 install clean"
2. add "'*' => 'WITHOUT_X11=1'," to the make args in pkgtools.conf (or
whatever the format is in the file) to prevent portupgrade from adding
the xorg-libraries in the future

This works just fine for a typical webserver (analog, webalizer, php
with the gd extension, ...). I just installed a new webserver with
multiple jails to keep the different sites compartmentalized, and
avoiding the xorg-libs saved me a ton of space and compile time.

/Daniel Eriksson
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