Paul Fraser wrote:
On 6/3/07, Robin Becker <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Any help appreciated

Hi Robin,

I know this isn't going to be much of a comfort - but I've had great
difficulty trying to get Xorg to work nicely with - surprise - the
Synaptics touchpad on my Acer notebook as well. I posted to the list
almost a week ago reporting that while Xorg worked brilliantly one day
- suddenly it stopped working.

I did blow the installation away and started again (unrelated issue)
the other day and the touchpad is working much as it was before. I
don't have my specific Xorg config in front of me as the missus has
stolen the laptop today unfortunately, however I've flagged this
thread so I'll attach it and send it over to you tonight.

Thanks I appreciate it. With my machine I can get the 1280x800 mode using 915resolution hack and I do have a mouse if I drop the touchpad entirely (from loader.conf and xorg.conf) and use moused_enable="YES" in rc.conf. For whatever reason the synaptics stuff is a bit flaky on my machine as I have had a couple of forced reboots with hw.psm.synaptics_support=1.

If all else fails I will try and do the new 7.2 Xorg build from scratch.
Robin Becker
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