On Jun 4, 2007, at 10:01 AM, snowcrash+freebsd wrote:

i've just installed exim on a "small" freebsd-based router -- via
PORTS install -- as a sendmail replacement. no probs, either.

now, I want to "upgrade" exim on that router to add 'just'
DNSBL-filtering on the router, and have it function as a transparent
gateway to another lan-based, exim router.

Does that "upgrade" involve a different version of the exim tarball than the one used in ports, or is the change that you need somewhere else?

do folks recommend still using the PORT install?

It depends.

iiuc, general advice for PORTS is "use the port, don't touch the port" ... true?

if so, how/where do I configure exim if not mod'ing the port's MAKEFILE?

Make your own patch of the port and keep that some place that won't be over written by portsnap or whatever you use to keep your ports tree up to date. Then have a script that patches your port tree after you do such an update.

Of course you should submit your patch to the port to the port maintainer.



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