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>Dear all,
>Today - for the first time ever - I have a total system freeze. It >occured after 105 days of uninterrupted work. The freeze was >unrecoverable because even though I attached a screen to the machine, I >was not able to do anything with it. I had to hard-reboot it.
>dmesg.today has just one line (and dmesg.yestarday is empty).
>pid 25536 (portmanager), uid 0: exited on signal 6 (core dumped)
>This file was modified at night so it does not contain any useful >information.
>Where can I look for more information? The only thing that comes to my >mind is that today I installed denyhosts-2.6. It is possible that the >freeze occured during dump operation which is done to a network drive >mounted via mount_nfs option.

Could the dump operation (a very likely reason for the crash) freeze the system. I am thinking of the following scenario. The dump operation to a network share is underway. For some reason, the LAN network connection is unavailable for a short time. Dump freezes and never recovers as it cannot continue its operation. I went back to the box two hours after the dump operation had started but the box (FBSD machine) did not respond to physically connected keyboard and screen. The dump file on the network is shown to have 0 KB. Thanks for any info!

If it thinks it ran out of media space (maybe doe to some network error,
I don't know), it could be waiting for a response at the console or whatever terminal it was running from. It will "hang" there until it gets some input it knows how to handle.

In that case I will probably be much better of using another HD physically connected to the box rather than shared network drive, wouldn't I? Lack of free space could not have been the reason - the network share can handle about 750GB of data so it must have been temporary network error.

Thanks Jerry!

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