On Monday June 04, 2007 at 02:02:18 (PM) Jose Luis Alarcon Sanchez wrote:

> I'm just reading /urs/ports/UPDATING, but i always use
> portmanager for keep my system up to date.
> My question is, can i use portmsanager for change to the
> new version of Xorg?.
> Thanks very much, in advance.

I used the prescribed method in the 'UPDATING' file when I first
attempted to update to Xorg-7.2 on my system. 

There is this notation in the 'UPDATING' file:

  If your machine does NOT have any gstreamer ports installed, you can then

  # portupgrade -a

  However, if you DO have gstreamer ports installed, you must run:

  # portupgrade -a -x 'gstreamer*'

  Followed by:

  # portupgrade -Rr 'gstreamer*'

Well, I do have it installed, so I followed the directions exactly.
When it completed, the log file that was created showed that
'gstreamer' totally failed to update. I ran the script indicated in
the 'UPDATING' file as well as deleting the 'man' pages as specified.

I then simply reboot to insure that everything would start correctly.
I then used portsnap to update the ports tree and finally used
portmanager as thus:

       portmanager -u -p -l

That updated over 400 ports (took awhile) but after that everything
works fine. I guess I would recommend using the 'portupgrade' method
as shown in the 'UPDATING' file; however, after going that route, you
might want to run portmanager to insure that all of the ports were
actually updated correctly.

Just my 2ยข.


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