On Monday 04 June 2007 14:39:31 Steve wrote:
> I need some help getting WOL working.
> I have two boxes with Freebsd 6.2 and WOL doesn't work on either one.
> Both have capable Intel NICs (pro/100 and pro/1000) and capable PC
> BIOS (with WOL and PME enabled).  When the boxes are shutdown I don't
> have any link lights, which I believe is an indication of a problem.
> I'm wondering if this is an ACPI issue where the PCI bus has no power
> after shutdown, or perhaps an em driver issue?  Any ideas on this?
> Thanks.
> S.
> _______________________________________________

you definatly have to correct the link-light issue when the system is off, 
otherwise i dont think youll ever get it working.  are there any ACPI standby 
modes in the power section (thats where mine are) in the bios?  S3 seems to 
be the best option.

in freebsd, my into pro100s work without any other intervention (aside from 
setting S3 in the bios, IBM machines), but i have one IBM with a dual port 
pro1000, and its not waking properly right now (but i havent troubleshot that 
one any, as its my server and never turns off anyway).

Jonathan Horne
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