Garrett Cooper wrote:
Tim Daneliuk wrote:

It will be of academic interest to me to see how people respond to this.
Unfortunately - as documented in my original post - the 4.11 CD will
not even boot on this new motherboard for some reason.  Given that, and
that 4.x is no longer actively developed, I am forced to move to 6.x for
my next server ...

Most likely because of the evolution of the FreeBSD kernel and increased hardware support over time. A lot of CDs won't boot on my C2D system, but that's because the HW is too new to run with older CDs, similar to issues seen with other OSes like Linux and Windoze.

This is, of course, the normal order of technology progress.  It just seems
odd to me that the 4.11 CD is blowing up claiming an RTC error
on a new mobo.  I'd understand if it failed because it could
not recognize the processor, or the Northbridge/Southbridge hardware,
but I'm guessing that not a lot has changed with RTC hardware.  Then
again, this error could be an artifact of some other silent problem.

In any case, I am working on recreating my (rather complex) standard
server configuration on 6.2 ... it was time anyway.  I will miss 4.x,
however.  It has been rock solid with nary a blip for many years
now (as was 2.x and 3.x before it).

Maybe I'm just getting old ;)

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