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> I've just installed 6.2R and have just about got Xorg going. Is it 
> better for me to just remove all my X related packages and try and build 
> from the xorg-7.2 meta package or to go through the pain of trying to 
> update?

I think it'll be the same. Upgrade was the only option for me
as I had a fully functionally X setup in my laptop - it went pretty smoothly
(for the amount of changes done to the system).

Make sure you follow the instructions in /usr/ports/UPDATING to the letter.

> In either case I need to sync the ports tree etc.

well, if u dont upgrade your tree, you may be able to install xorg 6.9 from
packages (MUCH faster) ; get it working; then sync the ports after this and
upgrade. There is nothing particularly wrong with 6.9, specially if you have a
clean machine and you plan to do the whole upgrade path.

just dont go overkill with setting up KDE / Gnome and other things that depend
on X. twm would do for now ;)

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