It seems like this thread isn't getting updated when I
post for some reason.  This will be the last one I try
until I figure out what's wrong.  

#I've done some more tests.  In my last post I had
# from the usb key.  the results of lsdev from the
boot #loader prompt were:

OK lsdev

cd devices:
disk devices:
disk0: BIOS drive C:
disk1: BIOS drive D:
      disk1s1a: FFS
      disk1s1b: swap
      disk1s1d: FFS

# If I booted from the hard drive first I got:

cd devices:
disk devices:
disk0: BIOS Drive C:
       disk0s1a: FFS
       disk0s1b: swap
       disk1s1d: FFS
disk1L BIOS Drive D:

#So it's clear that which ever drive is booted from
#first between the hard drive and the usb key drive is

#going to show up as "disk0: BIOS Drive C," but I was 

#wondering why the disk slices/partition letters for
#the USB key don't #show up when I boot from it. Or
#even when I boot from the HD and use the loader

# Again just to quickly restate the problem, when 
# booting from the USB key, the BTX loader hangs, and 
# after about 5 minutes I get the loader prompt.  The 
# loader apparently can't find the kernel.  When
#booting normally I have double checked that the
#bsdlabels, filesystems, and required files are at
#least present on the key.

# I'll keep learning the intimate details of various
#config files, and loader commands, and post back if I
#find a solution.  Thanks again for any bits of know
#how you send my way.


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