On Mon, 4 Jun 2007 15:37:25 -0700 snowcrash+freebsd

 > cat /etc/ppp/ppp.conf
 >      ------------------------------------
 >      default:
 >              set device PPPoE:sis1:
 >              set speed sync
 >              set ctsrts off
 >              set dial
 >              set login
 >              set cd 10
 >              set timeout 0
 >              set redial 0 0
 >              enable lqr
 >              set lqrperiod 20
 >              set log Phase tun command
 >              add default HISADDR
 >              enable tcpmssfixup
 >              disable dns
 >      ppp1:
 >              set authname [EMAIL PROTECTED]
 >              set authkey  ############
 >              set MRU 1492
 >              set MTU 1492
 >      ------------------------------------
 > are these NOT supposed to address/solve the problem? or are the
 > configs wrong? 

Hello, it's your niggly proofreader (and fellow Stephenson fan) again.

If you really have that blank line before 'add default HISADDR' above,
then it marks the end of your default section.  The 'add default' and
the two lines following will not be executed. 

I expect you'll want the 'add default' line as the last in your ppp1: 
section anyway; the other two could go in either, but I'd opt for the
default block myself.

I'm again unsure whether it's related to your pf problem, rusted-on ipfw
here, but my connections tend to work better with a default route ..

Cheers, Ian

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