Greg Lehey wrote:
On Saturday, 25 January 2003 at 13:55:50 -0500, Bill Moran wrote:

pura life CR wrote:

What does this emulation consist on? Can I run linux and svr4 binaries?.
It's not really emulation.  In the case of Linux, it actually installs a
RedHat kernel and uses it when the system calls differ from the native
FreeBSD system calls.
No, that's not correct.  It installs Red Hat (I think) libraries, but
there's no way to run two kernels on a system.  There is special
non-Linux code which implements the differences between FreeBSD and
Linux system calls.
Well, I'm definately no expert on the Linuxulator, so thanks for the
correction, Greg.  I guess I was being very sloppy in my explaination.

Bill Moran
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