On Jun 4, 2007, at 8:49 PM, N. Harrington wrote:
 Hi Garret
 Here is the driver info.


atapci0: <SiI 3114 SATA150 controller> port

Ah-- regrettably, the Silicon Image 3112 & 3114 chips have some significant hardware defects, which tend to show up more frequently when you put the disk system under significant load (especially RAID). It's likely to be the case that switching to a better SATA controller would resolve the problems you are seeing with your SATA- based machines.

If you have a chance, perhaps see whether building a kernel with the following patch does anything to help the "disk lockups" you've seen:

--- sys/dev/ataata-chipset.c~      Wed Jun  1 14:24:26 2005
+++ sys/dev/ataata-chipset.c       Tue Jun  5 12:54:58 2007
@@ -2240,7 +2240,7 @@
     struct ata_pci_controller *ctlr = device_get_softc(dev);
     struct ata_chip_id *idx;
     static struct ata_chip_id ids[] =
- {{ ATA_SII3114, 0x00, SIIMEMIO, SII4CH, ATA_SA150, "SiI 3114" }, + {{ ATA_SII3114, 0x00, SIIMEMIO, (SII4CH|SIIBUG), ATA_SA150, "SiI 3114" }, { ATA_SII3512, 0x02, SIIMEMIO, 0, ATA_SA150, "SiI 3512" }, { ATA_SII3112, 0x02, SIIMEMIO, 0, ATA_SA150, "SiI 3112" }, { ATA_SII3112_1, 0x02, SIIMEMIO, 0, ATA_SA150, "SiI 3112" },

The effect of this change is to limit the SilI controller into doing DMA transfers which are smaller than 8KB, which seems to mitigate the most significant problems with the chipset, at the cost of some performance.


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