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I have a server board with 2 onboard nic's
I have set them up in rc.conf as follows

network_interfaces="em0 em1 lo0"
ifconfig_em0="inet netmask"
ifconfig_em1="inet netmask"

The question, is this the correct configuration?

Manually specifying network_interfaces is deprecated (take that line out). Putting both NIC's on the same subnet and segment but with different IP's like this may not be too useful..

If I have both nic's connected to the switch I can ping and and

If I have only em0 connected I can ping and

If I have only em1 connected I can ping

That is because the route to is associated with em0 at this point.

What could the 2 onboard nic's be best used for. I was thinking that in the event on was to fail then the other would still be ok.

For that to be most useful you'll want to set something up so they can share the same IP. The lagg(4) (link aggregation) virtual interface has already been mentioned, but I believe it is still only available in -CURRENT. Other possibilities might include attaching ifconfig scripts to link up/down events or [lack of] ping responses on one or both interfaces.


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