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How can I restore my ports system?

Use a valid tag in your ports-supfile (probably ".") and try again.

I have no idea what happened. I have a server I setup over the weekend
to start testing Maia Mailguard, installed many packages over the last
few days (postfix+amavisd+SA+related). I can't remember the last package
installed via the ports system, I updated it to src-all and back to
ports-all once to compile my kernel. Now, today I go to install a
package and practically everything is gone...this is all I have left...

mx1# ls /usr/ports
INDEX-6         INDEX-6.db      dns             security
INDEX-6.bz2     distfiles       net
mx1# ls /usr/ports/dns
mx1# ls /usr/ports/security/
mx1# ls /usr/ports/net/

At this point I want to assume I mistakenly did a rm sometime, what else
could cause something like this? Can't find any issues in the logs and
no other issues with any services running on the box. Can't find
anything else missing. If I try to run my ports update my ports, it just
hangs here...

mx1# cd /usr/ports
mx1# /usr/local/bin/cvsup /root/ports-supfile
Connected to cvsup9.us.FreeBSD.org
Updating collection ports-all/cvs


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