Robert Fitzpatrick <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> How can I restore my ports system?
> I have no idea what happened. I have a server I setup over the weekend
> to start testing Maia Mailguard, installed many packages over the last
> few days (postfix+amavisd+SA+related). I can't remember the last package
> installed via the ports system, I updated it to src-all and back to
> ports-all once to compile my kernel. Now, today I go to install a
> package and practically everything is gone...this is all I have left...
> mx1# ls /usr/ports
> INDEX-6         INDEX-6.db      dns             security
> INDEX-6.bz2     distfiles       net
> mx1# ls /usr/ports/dns
> bind9-dlz
> mx1# ls /usr/ports/security/
> vscan
> mx1# ls /usr/ports/net/
> openldap23-client
> At this point I want to assume I mistakenly did a rm sometime, what else
> could cause something like this? Can't find any issues in the logs and
> no other issues with any services running on the box. Can't find
> anything else missing. If I try to run my ports update my ports, it just
> hangs here...
> mx1# cd /usr/ports
> mx1# /usr/local/bin/cvsup /root/ports-supfile
> Connected to
> Updating collection ports-all/cvs

On one of your cvsup runs, you probably used a tag (or
branch name) that doesn't exist in the ports tree.
Always use HEAD ("tag=.") for ports.

It could be something else, but my bet would be to
check your ports supfile.
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