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On 6/5/07, Garrett Cooper <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Oscar Chavarria wrote:
> I have used the latest tip in the mailing list archives, to move the
> cable
> to another USB physical port, but still the keyboard will not work at
> BSD prompt..
> The purpose is to boot as single user.
> Thanks is advance for any help.
    What version do you have installed and what's your motherboard maker?
    Did you also remember to put (proper) usb support in the kernel?

Version: FreeBSD 6.1

Motherboard: VIA. I ran dmesg > file and went through it but couldn't make
out the model.

USB should be supported because I succesfully mounted a USB external HDD on
/home. I used this last physical port to attach the keyboard to make sure I
had a working port, but to no avail.


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ukbd and uhid compiled into the kernel, or is this kernel GENERIC?

Also, please make sure to CC the list next time ;).

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