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If you really have that blank line before 'add default HISADDR' above,
then it marks the end of your default section.  The 'add default' and
the two lines following will not be executed.

I expect you'll want the 'add default' line as the last in your ppp1:
section anyway; the other two could go in either, but I'd opt for the
default block myself.

i had not realized that blank lines were 'read for real'.  it's now
been removed ...

and i've moved the 'add default' to the connection ...

I'm again unsure whether it's related to your pf problem, rusted-on ipfw
here, but my connections tend to work better with a default route ..

recently converted to pf, and been pretty pleased/impressed with it so
far.  a few gotchas, mainly due to not (yet) having read the /right/
man page, bu i'm makin progress!

now, to clean up a bit more, and see if all's better ...

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