I know, it's poor form to followup to my own post, but I solved the
problem and wanted to get the solution into the archives.

> I have a test machine that boots a number of things, FreeBSD -stable
> and -current among them. I tried installing the latest 5.0 CDs, and
> that failed miserably (the install process insist you have a swap, but
> can't find the one I use on ad0s6c). So I rebooted the system to go
> back to -stable.
> It failed to come up. Since this box runs a variety of OS's, including
> two different FreeBSDs, I use grub to boot it. It loaded the grub
> stage2 boot and then went to the grub command prompt. Trying to run
> the boot by hand - via "root (hd0,1,a)" - gets the message "no such
> partition". When I ask grub for a list of partitions, it lists the two
> FreeBSD partitions, but says it can't find "sub-partitions" for them.
> I can boot FreeBSD-stable - I haven't tried -current - as if it were
> Windows: make the FreeBSD partition the active partition and run the
> standard MBR.
> I tried installing boot0. It lists the XP partition and the two
> FreeBSD partitions (so much for Linux). Asking it to boot the two
> FreeBSD partitions results in beeps. It boots XP just fine - which
> means that entry is slightly more useful than the FreeBSD entries.
> I tried getting the latest version of grub, but that's a no go. I can
> boot it off the floppy, but it doesn't see sub-partitions either.
> If I boot -stable from grub as described above, everything comes up
> and works fine. I can even mount the -current partion and see that
> everything is as it should be. But neither boot loader seems to work.
> Clues? Hints? Request for more information? Help?

The 5.0 install process overwrote the disklabels. The only data it
changed was the FS type on the partitions - they were all tagged as
unused. So the various boot loaders can no longer find a partition
that is in use. Fixing that with disklabel solved the problem.


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