El Lun 04 Jun 2007, bsenthil escribió:
> Yes, It working fine.. Thanks for your help..
> inetd_enable="YES"
> hostname="test.abc.com"
> ifconfig_fxp0="inet  netmask"
> ifconfig_fxp1="inet  netmask"
> hostname="test.abc.com"
> static_routes="net1 net2"
> route_net1="-net *fxp0*"  (Error ...)
> I am not configure any default router entries . But i want to redirect
> all packets through  fxp0.

short answer:


Replace the ip with the router in the LAN

Long answer:

so, you are connected to 2 LANs:

And there exist another LAN

when you configure the interface fxp0:

ifconfig_fxp0="inet  netmask"

You are adding an entry in the routing table like this:


Since you want to transmit all the trafic to the LAN by the 
interface fxp0 (connected to the LAN, there should exist 
some connection betwen these 2 LANs (controled by a router), all you have to 
say is that the LAN is reached by the router 192.168.110.X

route_net1="-net 192.168.110.X"

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