Richard Coleman wrote:
hear people's recommendation for which port to use to add server side anti-spam. The problem these days is a richness of choices, so it's

I outsourced ours to AppRiver  It's not in the unix "roll 
your own" spirit, but:
* it works very well
* is more cost-effective than messing with it myself
* also intercepts viruses and some email mal-ware
* Has nice email & web interfaces for administration and end users, further 
reducing in-house labor to deal with the crap.

You just change your MX records to point to their servers, they filter your stuff and 
forward it to you.  Also keeps the junk from cutting into your bandwidth.  With the 
"pay the whole year in advance" discount, I think we paid around $480 for up to 
50 users (min they offer).  We only use a small fraction of that, but it's still worth it.


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