I am running a mail server using Postfix and Dovecot. I would like to hear people's recommendation for which port to use to add server side anti-spam. The problem these days is a richness of choices, so it's hard to know port which to try.

And call it a quirk of mine, but I really dislike (server) software with a large number of dependencies. That rules out Spam Assassin. But I am fairly conversant with mail and Postfix/Dovecot in general, so I don't mind any integration work.

I apologize if this has been discussed before, but I just joined the list (I am already on so many FreeBSD lists already). I appreciate any insight that people can offer.

I like the policyd-weight postfix filter... it sums up a score based on several conditions that you can set (dnsbl, bad smtp protocol, etc.) caches, results for those that hit you constantly, etc. I probably get 2-3 spam a day max. Used to get 30-40. And it does it all before accepting the message body which is nice.

You can also tell it just to put in a x-header with a score and pass it along untouched so users can do what they want using that info.

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