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I am running a mail server using Postfix and Dovecot. I would like to hear people's recommendation for which port to use to add server side anti-spam. The problem these days is a richness of choices, so it's hard to know port which to try.

And call it a quirk of mine, but I really dislike (server) software with a large number of dependencies. That rules out Spam Assassin. But I am fairly conversant with mail and Postfix/Dovecot in general, so I don't mind any integration work.

I apologize if this has been discussed before, but I just joined the list (I am already on so many FreeBSD lists already). I appreciate any insight that people can offer.

Richard Coleman

We use bogofilter both for our customers and internally. Initially we used bogofilter with SpamAssassin to try and alleviate the initial training required with bogofilter. On the hosting side we will probably drop SpamAssassin mostly because we have defined an initial filter for bogofilter that works acceptably well. Resource usage by SpamAssassin is not a problem for us.

For myself I use bogofilter with about 6-7 common sense procmail rules. Before adding greylisting I was getting about 600 spams/day to the various public email addresses I read. My procmail/bogofilter combination is much greater than 98% accurate. Greylisting reduced the spams presented to 100-200/day. It does not seem (in theory) it should do that well. I would have never tried greylisting except one of the FreeBSD developers told me the mailing lists were using it with good results.

As mentioned earlier, the biggest problem with bogofilter is training it.

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