We were in a rush to install a freebsd server without proper hardware on
hand, so we used Microsoft Virtual Server and install Freebsd on it.


I would like to move the freebsd installation to a real server and was
wondering how to do so.


I searched around and the solution seems to be to dump the hard drive
content and restore it on the new server.


Does anyone knows a good walkthrough of the entire process, I didn't find
anything in the handbook beside moving freebsd to a new harddrive which I
cannot do from the same machine.


Basically, I need a way to dump the hd to file, transfer the file over
whatever media (dvd, network, etc) and restore on the new machine. 


I'm not even sure if I need to install freebsd on the new machine or not
since I guess I cannot overwrite the partition on which freebsd is running


Any help/reference would be appreciated


Thanks in advance



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