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Derek Ragona wrote:
> At 08:50 AM 6/7/2007, Dominik Zalewski wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> I'm planning to upgrade my FreeBSD 6.1 box to 6.2. Should I remove all
>> installed ports and rebuild them under 6.2 ?
>> Thanks in advance,
> You don't need to remove them.  But you should run portmanager or
> portupgrade to rebuild them all after you upgrade.

Actually, that isn't the case.  You only *need* to force a rebuild of
all ports if you update across a major version number (eg. 5.5 --> 6.2).
That's because  the ABI version on various system shlibs is bumped
with the new major version.  While you can still keep running 5.x
software on a 6.x system (by installing the compat5x stuff) you will
very quickly run into problems when updating if all or most of your
ports aren't compiled on the current OS version.

For a minor version number bump (6.1 --> 6.2) generally upgrading
everything should not be necessary.  There might be one or two ports
in the tree that notice the difference, but those are the exception
rather than the rule and can be updated individually if they cause
a problem.  In fact, by far the most likely scenario for the OP is that
he won't need to do anything at all to his installed ports: it will all
just keep on working fine.



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