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> Hi Nikola,
> This is my /etc/printcap
> caligula|hp1|lp|HP LaserJet 1320:\
>       :sh:\
>       :sd=/var/spool/lpd/caligula:\
>       :lp=/dev/lpt0:\
>       :if=/usr/local/libexec/ifhp:\
>       :df=/usr/local/libexec/hpdf:
> ifhp and hpdf are as in the manual.

Please answer to the list.

The manual explains basic things only. You need a more sophisticated
filter for advanced tasks. Do the following:

(1) Install print/apsfilter. Please be careful about default page
    format (A4 vs. Letter) since apsfilter will install several other
    packages according to this. Apsfilter is not very big itself, but
    has a lot of dependencies.

(2) Run /usr/local/share/apsfilter/SETUP. I'm not 100% sure what driver
    you should choose on the main menu (hpijs is recommended for your
    printer), but please try drivers from sections 3 and 4 of apsfilter
    drivers list (concentrate on PCL support).

(3) Try various printing qualities, colour modes, and dpi settings in
    order to make the best output of the test page.

Apsfilter will allow you to print all possible formats (incl. DVIs,
PDFs, images, HTML, Gimp's XCF and much more) using lpd directly.

Nikola Lečić
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