Gerard escribió:
I noticed this on the FreeBSD site regarding the latest version of

January 24, 2007: Greg Lewis has released the fourth patchset
(patchlevel 4, "Sumatran") for the JDK 1.5.0 software. This release
builds with GCC 4 and includes a number of bug fixes.

FreeBSD-6.2 does not come with GCC 4 or newer. While it is relatively
trivial to install it manually, it then is necessary to make changes
to the system /etc/make.conf file to insure its use. Wouldn't it be
more efficient for the FreeBSD team to integrate GCC 4.3 (I think that
is the latest stable version) into the base system? From what I have
read, this latest version has some major improvements over its

Hello Gerard,

the workaround you wrote is not necessary, the Ports Collection infrastructure is aware of the necessay GCC version, via the USE_GCC macro. The java/jdk15 port should just be built without problems.

As for the GCC import, the upcoming 7.X will ship with GCC 4.2. Afaik, 4.3 is not a stable version yet. For older releases it is not supposed to merging such big changes from -CURRENT, like a system compiler change. Such needs a lot of testing and anyway, we want to have those branches clean and stable.


Gabor Kovesdan
FreeBSD Volunteer

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