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Jack Barnett <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> This is slightly off topic... but anyone know the differences between 
> x.org and xFree86?
> I was using FreeBSD 4.xxx for the longest time (and some varieties of 
> Linux, OpenBSD, etc) and all where xFree86.
> I was out of the "scene" for a bit (but still running 4.xxx) and 
> recently upgraded to 6.2 and it has x.org...
> x.org all over the place.
> no more traces of xfree86 anywhere!

As I understand it there was an argument about the way things were
being run in the project, so many of the developers left to run xorg the
way they wanted. Virtually everyone went with xorg as it has a better
licence and promised faster, more open development.

The full story should be in Google somewhere.  
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