> though the prob's been fixed, just to ack/comment ... the issue 4 me
> was that pf itself was not starting, not that it had started but the
> rules were not loaded, or some such ...

Reloading the rules is supposed to allow pf to pick-up new interfaces,
which is why it's done after ppp is started. I was wondering if Volker
had a valid reason for thinking there is a problem, or whether he
was speculating from incomplete knowledge.

As regards pf not starting, in another sub-thread you seem to be
saying that the underlying problem was an irregularity in ppp.conf.
ppp.conf is not read until *after* pf starts-up, so can't explain
pf's not starting.

argh.  well, i'm awash in subtleties.

atm, i'm choosing to not 'look a gift horse in the mouth', and be
happy that it's up-n-running/working again.

as for /understanding/ why, that'll require reading & beer. which is
why weekends were invented ;-)

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