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> What files or directories shoud I ignore when doing a tar backup?
> So far my include list is:
> /etc
> /usr/home
> /usr/local/etc
> /usr/src/sys/i386/conf
> /var/log
> /root
> /.profile
> /.cshrc
> And my exclude list is
> /root/.netscape/cache
> /etc/fstab

It's a bad idea to exclude fstab. 

> /etc/mtree
> /etc/isdn
> /etc/uucp

isdn and uucp are probably not ignorable if you are using them.

> /usr/local/etc/codepages/
> Planning to create a separate tar just for /usr/local
> How about /var?
> should I backup all of it?

You can exclude /var/run, /var/spool/lock, /var/backups, /var/rwho and
/var/tmp.  Other things you may be able to exclude depending on
whether or not you are using them include;

/var/msgs                       the messages system, which is the msgs command
/var/mail                       delivered mail
/var/spool/lpd                  line printer spool
/var/spool/mqueue               sendmail
/var/spool/uucp,uucppublic      uucp

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