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Initially I had about 230 packages installed, and after the upgrade
the number has gone up to 450! Lot of these seem to be X related

Does xorg 7.2 have more dependencies, and hence so many ports were installed?

xorg is now 180-230 some-odd tiny packages (ports)
instead of the old -clients, -server, -libraries blobs.

It seems to work okay, and minor updates are far less
strenuous.  I give it five years to either prove itself or
all the developers to go mad and sacrifice their firstborn
in some wicked ritual to the sun-god.

Failure or not, the "modularity" will be adopted by microsoft
sometime around 2013, who will announce it as "The First
Commercial Product to Use a Wholley Modular Codebase"
except they won't spell "Wholley" with as much style.

I just hope we aren't still putting up with people using "impact"
all the time, by then.

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