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> xorg is now 180-230 some-odd tiny packages (ports)
> instead of the old -clients, -server, -libraries blobs.
> It seems to work okay, and minor updates are far less
> strenuous.  I give it five years to either prove itself or
> all the developers to go mad and sacrifice their firstborn
> in some wicked ritual to the sun-god.

I am not totally convinced. If one small package is updated that is
depended on by 10 other package that in turn are depended on by a like
number of other packages, what has been really gained by breaking
everything into small bits? They may be easier to maintain; however
the impact on updating the system seems like it would be minimal.
> Failure or not, the "modularity" will be adopted by microsoft
> sometime around 2013, who will announce it as "The First
> Commercial Product to Use a Wholley Modular Codebase"
> except they won't spell "Wholley" with as much style.

I always thought that, that was what 'DLL's' were all about.
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