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you mean problems with the lnc0 , as seen by FBSD in the VM? interesting, i've
never had any problems, but I run VMWare server under Centos 4.

I'll give the e1000 a try  :) thx for the tip.

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Under various versions of vmware, lnc0 just choked and caused disconnection under the first few seconds in a simple stress situation (eg a 4MB file transfer over SSH, or some equal samba file transfer). The em driver was the solution to all these problems. If I remember correctly, selecting a x64 edition of guest OS or selecting 2 CPU cores, provides you directly with em instead of lnc.

My opinion about MS virtual PC is that it gave me the once in a lifetime opportunity to capture a full BSOD in bitmap file. I put it as a desktop in a public PC, and laughed as everyone kept pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del. I dumped MS virtual PC shortly after.

One serious tip about Vmware, is that when selecting disks, you can select a *physical* disk instead of a virtual and proceed with installation on that physical disk. Or you can keep a freebsd server installed on a virtual disk, then connect a physical disk on the same VM and dump/restore as you please. It has been tested with over 7GB OS installs and works like a charm.

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