I tried quite a few driver, just out of curiosity, and that was the only one 
that worked was in the 

group 3) printer driver natively supported by ghostscript
        and had the
name HP Deskjet [deskjet]

Thanks again for everything,


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> [...]
> I tried a few of the HP drivers, but the one that finally worked was
> the deskjet driver (#160 in section 3) -- just for the record, my
> precise printer model is: hp LaserJet 1320 PCL 6 (

The driver numbers depend on your installation, and therefore #160 is
not the unique designator. (I expected you would pick up one of LaserJet
drivers [with pcl6?], but if DeskJet driver does the job...) Anyway,
nice it works.

Nikola Lečić

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