On Sun, 26 Jan 2003, Mike Meyer wrote:

> It's a bad idea to exclude fstab.

Why? At one point I had it included and it actually clobered a working one
and just caused much more headaches.
I am not planning on doing a full backup/restore so if the machine totally
dies I can just get back up from it. My plan is more like install new os,
restore all data in restore directory and merge by hand as needed. This
has some serious overhead when doing the restore, but given that this is just in case 
of a
HD crash I hope it won't need to be done as often.

Other files won't create as much headaches as fstab if copied over by
mistake. The one time that I copied over fstab after intalling a new HD I
ended up with a mess that just got me all confused. I guess I don't work
enough with fdisk and related programs to easily fix /etc/fstab.

I guess I could copy /etc/fstab to /etc/fstab.copy and then back that up.
This way I have a backup of the file and won't clobber it if I install new
drive and copy over files by mistake.

> > /etc/mtree
> > /etc/isdn
> > /etc/uucp
> isdn and uucp are probably not ignorable if you are using them.

Not using them. Never used any program that I can think that uses them.

> You can exclude /var/run, /var/spool/lock, /var/backups, /var/rwho and
> /var/tmp.

Thanks. Will just include the rest. Not that big anyway.

Other things you may be able to exclude depending on
> whether or not you are using them include;
> /var/msgs                     the messages system, which is the msgs command
> /var/mail                     delivered mail
> /var/spool/lpd                        line printer spool
> /var/spool/mqueue             sendmail
> /var/spool/uucp,uucppublic    uucp

Thanks much. Will check those out. Will include them for now unless I can
confirm they not been used.

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