The php4 & php5 port apache module used to be default before FBSD 6.0.
Many people before you on this list have wanted the php4/5 apache module
turned back on as default but so far the port maintainer has not done
in any way of justifying removing the apache module from the default setting
or re-enable it as the default.

This has forced all php4/5 users who want to use php in apache to compile it
manually with the apache module option selected during the make install of
the port.
When it was part of the default the php4/5 package was so quick to install
and ready to work with apache without any special handling.

Hope you have better luck finding the justification for it being removed
from the default.

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I can see that if I build the php5 port it defaults to CLI and CGI mode
but the Apache module is not built. Am I wrong when I assume that the
Apache Module will have the best performance? I guess that I'd just like
to understand the engineering decisions behind the default in the port's

-- Chris

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