On Sun, Jun 10, 2007 at 02:13:02PM -0700, Bjorn Boulder wrote:
> People,
> I need help with sendmail on my FreeBSD box running: 
> FreeBSD 5.3
> Specifically, I need help using sendmail to send mail.
> I inherited this FreeBSD box from a guy who left for
> another gig.
> The box appears to be stable.  It's been up since Nov
> 2006
> and is running a couple of simple web sites.
> The web sites work okay.
> We want to put up a 3rd site which needs to send mail
> to people who register.
> I'm assuming that I need to get sendmail working.
> That is, I need it to send mail.
> It does not need to receive mail because we are using
> google apps to receive all of our mail from the
> outside.
> It was easy to setup:
> -Follow directions here: http://google.com/a/
> -Update the MX records for our domains
> When I try using sendmail I run this simple test:
> 1. create a text file, sendme.txt:
> Subject: test mail
> Hi Bjorn
> Bye Bjorn
> 2. Run shell command:
> /usr/sbin/sendmail [EMAIL PROTECTED] <
> sendme.txt
> Result: The mail is not delivered.
> I'd welcome any tips for configuring sendmail to send
> mail.

Is it so that you haven't set up your sendmail to deliver outside
your network? You need to change some things in /etc/mail/sendmail.cf in
that case. You probably have a qualyfied domainname? But before I write
a long description how to do it, can you tell a little more? Does it deliver

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