THis is Dhanesh , Here I have to configure a .procmailrc file in order to control spams in the mail system

I had a few mailing lists , and I can send mails to these lists from my personal mail id ,

in  /etc/aliases  tther is an entry  for these lists as
mylists : list1,list2,list3 etc

but I have to block spams ,so I editted this entry as follows in /etc/aliases


and I executed  #newaliases

and in /home/spamassassin I created a file .procmailrc as follows (I changed the ownership as spamassassin:spamassassin to .procmailrc and chmod -R 777 to procmailrc )

# ee /home/spamassassin/.procmailrc
   :0 c
   :0 c

But when ever I tried to send mails from my account to [EMAIL PROTECTED] , its not delivering the mails to receipients (before configuring procmailrc its working fine but spams are coming along with this so I decided to use procmail rc )

I tried this alos

I tried to configure the /usr/local/etc/procmailrc file also the same way , but its also not sending the mails to the receipients in the lists...

tail /var/log/mailog tells that the messages forwarded to Maildir directory , all the mails are ther in /home/spamassassin/Maildir but its not deliverd to the client ids ..

So let me request you to help me what mistake i made while doing this .Any suggestion will help me alot to solve this issue ..

thanks in advance

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