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Patrick Baldwin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Hi, I'm running 6.2-RELEASE-p4, and Apache 1.3.37.  I'd like to
add SSL support, but I'm not sure of the best way to go about it.

may I ask why are you using Apache 1.3.x ? I think Apache 2 has shown itself to
be pretty good and reliable by now

Using 1.3.x because I'm trying to set up a webmail server, and most of the docs I could find were written with 1.3.x in mind. Also, I'm more
familiar with 1.3.x


Specifically section, it mentions you can add ssl support with mod_ssl, but I don't see it in my ports tree.

I also found this:

Which seems to suggest that I'd need to have installed the apache
port /usr/ports/www/apache13-modssl instead of the package apache-1.3.37_3.


So, do I need to remove the apache-1.3.37_3 package (presumably with
pkg_delete, as I think that's the cleanest way, please correct me if I'm wrong),

pkg_deinstall apache-1.3*

Excellent, thanks.  I hadn't seen pkg_deinstall before, but checking
out the man page seems to suggest I really should have been using
it instead of pkg_delete; understanding wildcards and being able
to recurse through dependencies seems very helpful.

and re-install from the apache13-modssl port, or is there in
fact some way to just get mod_ssl and add to my existing Apache configuration?

There may be, i haven't touched the 1.3 apache stuff for several years. If you
install www/apache22, it builds the SSL components by default.

If both options are possible, is one better than the

You cannot have, by default (ie, withouth tinkering and knowing what you are
doing) both apache13 and apache13-mod_ssl. they are listed conflicts.( in the
Makefile for the port, search for the CONFLICTS line)

OK, I saw that, and then went and checked it for apache2:

webmail# pwd
webmail# cat Makefile | grep CONFLICTS
CONFLICTS= apache+mod_ssl-1.* apache+mod_ssl+ipv6-1.* apache+mod_ssl+modsnmp-1.* \
CONFLICTS+=     apr-1.*

This seems to me that I can have apache13 (without any SSL) and
apache22 both installed, which would be great for me as I could
work on building an SSL capable webmail server while users can
still use the old webmail while the new one is in progress.

I'd prefer not to have to re-do my apache install, but if
there's some compelling reason I should, I'm interested in knowing it.

if you want ssl...

Then I'm going to need to re-do apache some way, whether it be
re-install and add SSL support to apache13, or move to apache22,
got it.

Also, when I've got it, I want users to have the option to use it,
not be forced to (tinkering with a Squirrelmail webmail server here), so
any information on that would be more than welcome.

Not sure what you mean by this. Your users will use HTTPS if they so request
it, or HTTP if they point it to http://yourserver/....

I want my users to have the option to use SSL, but if they're having problems with it (browser issues, etc.) I still want them to be able
to read their email, as sometime it's absolutely essential that they
be able to keep up with email while on the road.

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