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Capt Current <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Please excuse me I am a tad over my head head but
> I have been following Colin Percival excellent script to perform an  
> upgrade and I always get a hang (i.e no more response and eventually  
> a time out and drop of my ssh session) after I answer "does this
> look reasonable"   The server says "The following files are affected
> by updates, but no changes have
> been downloaded because the files have been modified locally:" and  
> freezes usually on "/etc/periodic/daily/470.status-named"

Firstly, don't upgrade to the 6.2-Release, use RELENG_6_2 to
get the security updates. 

I don't know what Colin Percival's script is, but it sounds like it's
intended for tracking development branches such as 6-stable. If
I were you, I'd just follow the updating procedure described in the
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