In the last episode (Jan 27), Schrodinger said:
> I'm loooking for help with Cron. When cron is running my mailbox starts to
> fill up with hundreds of mails from cron and they are all the same:
> Date: Thu, 23 Jan 2003 17:40:00 GMT
> From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Cron Daemon)
> Subject: Cron <root@schro> root /usr/libexec/atrun
> X-Cron-Env: <SHELL=/bin/sh>
> X-Cron-Env: 
> X-Cron-Env: <HOME=/root>
> X-Cron-Env: <LOGNAME=root>
> X-Cron-Env: <USER=root>
> root: not found
> And in the log file they are full with:
> Jan 22 13:25:00 schro cron[44063]: (root) CMD (atrun)
> Jan 22 13:25:00 schro cron[44064]: (root) CMD (root^Iatrun)

It looks like you copied the system crontab (/etc/crontab) into root's
crontab (/var/cron/tabs/root, usually edited with crontab -e).  Don't
do this; they are different files and have different formats.  The
system crontab has an additional field specifying the user that the
command is to run as.

        Dan Nelson

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