Scott Mayo wrote:
If I hit backspace it just backs up on the line until
were input-mode 
was started during this input-mode session.  If I hit
delete then it 
capitalizes the charcter behind the cursor and throws
me into 

This way to get things to delete in vi seems odd to
I have always used 'x' to delete from the right, and
"X" to delete from the left. Maybe some hacks of vi
include alternative methods to navigate. The problem
with learning a method using shortcuts is that the
"pure" method becomes unnatural and difficult. vi
becomes real useful once you start doing things in it
by reflex. If your reflexes are of the pure method
then you should be good from one vi to the next. Even
in my case, using the arrow keys seems more natural
for jumping around (than using the jkl and ; keys).
This is even more true for me since I use the Dvorak
keyboard layoun and j, k, l and ; are not close
together (well, j and k are -- and l and ; are too;
but still not quick or easy to use for navigation.)

Maybe the vim port in the ports collection will bring
you completeness in your OS experience.

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