On 2007-06-11 09:26, Gary Kline <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Since I've used sendmail for a dozen years--largely by hit or
> miss and following others' examples' let me add my two cents'.
> A couple years ago I bought a (used) copy of SENDMAIL (by
> O'Reilly, whose books are usually ++outstanding).  I found the
> book virtually useless.
> It may be only *me*, but when somebody explains something to
> me, I get it.  Reading 50 pages of dry text is like eating
> sawdust, so if you can get one of the text-to-speech apps
> going, having that read parts (or all) of the README might be a
> big help.
> I see, down-queue, some helpful hints.  I have a bunch of
> cheat-sheet files; how-to's that have things spelled out in
> cookbook form or in practical theory form--things that are
> easily implementable.  My SENDMAIL file is many pages.  Maybe
> it's worth editing and putting up....

As long as it's adequately commented, yes please do :-)

I would at least try to skim through it, and see if I can learn
interesting bits.  Mostly because I was surprised to read ``many
pages'' [i.e. my own Sendmail configuration is barely 4 printed
pages of material, and more than half of them are comments].

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