> Thanks for the reply. What happens during the sending of any email, is 
> that my Thunderbird will show 'Connected to mail.xyz.com...' for a 
> couple of seconds. Bear in mind that my (test) mails are very short, so 
> it can't be due to data transfer. After that the text says sending mail 
> and stuff like that. All of which take rather insignificant time.
> The other thing that may be responsible is that my mail server does smtp 
> authentication. But I don't really think this will be a culprit, as I 
> have other mail clients that do local mail delivery only and hence do 
> not need authentication. And these clients hit the same few-second wait 
> as well.

Do you receive email from outside world on this machine? Do you think
there is the same delay?

How do you notice the delay? After Thunderbird mentionned that the
email was successfully sent, you immdiately try to get new email from
your inbox and it takles time?

How big is your inbox? What mailbox format are you using? Are the disk
local or network mounted? How much loaded is your machine? How many
emails do you receive at time? Do you read with pop or imap? Are
pop/imap launched by inetd or they are daemonized? Do you have any
anti virus/spam facility? Do you implement some fancy MDA like

Remember that email is not instant messaging, but store and forward:
it is a slow and batch processing, it is dessign to support delay and
certainly the design should generate some.

If the delay remains 5 seconds when your server process 1 or 10000
messages per hour, then there is nothing to worry about.

Authentication should effect only to sending, it deals with the
communication between Thunderbird and qmail. It has nothing to do with
reading your mailbox and should have nothing to do with the in between


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