Written by Jeffrey Goldberg on 06/12/07 08:45>>
For some local networks, I run dhcpd using assigning fixed IP address based on the client MAC. I am also running bind for the local networks. At some sites where I am doing this, I'm using webmin for maintaining DNS (or I actually have my clients doing this). I've don't use or recommend webmin for DHCPd since I've just had too many problems with it, so that is maintained by hand.

Naturally I'd like to coordinate this activity. When a new host is added, it would be nice to ensure that the name and IP assigned in DHCP is the same that is done with DNS.

I could write my own script for this, but I'm sure that similar scripts have been written a thousand times, 980 of which are better than I would write. Is there anything in ports or elsewhere that people could recommend.

(Some of the sites where I need this are mostly Linux based, but will be moving to FreeBSD over time).


Sounds like you want to use dynamic DNS updates. I put a howto for this on bsdforums: http://www.bsdforums.org/forums/showthread.php?p=260530
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