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Gerard <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> I have had nothing but grief since updating to the new Xorg-7.2
> version on my PC. Unexplained crashes, lockups, etc. No doubt, some of
> the problems are my fault; however I cannot seem to get them
> corrected.

I had a few problems like that, but they went away after a week or so of
picking-up upgrades. In particular doing a forced update of
nvidia-driver and its dependencies fixed a few of the problems.

> Now, I was wondering how this would work.
> 1) Download a fresh ISO of FreeBSD-6.2 on to another PC
> 2) Erase my HDs on the PC presently running FBSD
> 3) Reformat the HDs
> 4) Install the fresh copy of FBSD
> Will that give me a system that I can directly install Xorg-7.2 on to
> or do I still have to go through the procedure shown in the "UPDATING"
> file? Suppose I install Xorg-7.2 doing the actual install of FBSD;
> will that make any difference? 

Before you install xorg, create a /usr/X11R6 directory and run the
mergebase script which will update any references to /usr/X11R6 that
are in the base system.
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