Hi everybody!!!!!

hope all doing fine ,,,,
well i have configured my Email Server on FreeBSD 6.2 with Qmail, i
have send email to yahoo, hotmail & gmail. On gmail & hotmail, its
works quick, bt at yahoo ,,, its delaying nd mail recieved at yahoo
with huge delays. wen i send email to yahoo, it gives following
defferal error,

@40000000466e85af2e894abc delivery 12: deferral:
@40000000466e85af2e8bb3ec status: local 0/10 remote 1/255
@40000000466e85b000c37904 delivery 13: deferral:
@40000000466e85b000c57ca4 status: local 0/10 remote 0/255

Kindly Help me out in fixing such probelm ,,,,,

The error message mentions a url. Perhaps you can find more information
Perhaps this is interesting to you:


I've experienced this same problem. Unfortunately, Yahoo is by default deferring all mail from any servers it has not whitelisted, and in a lot of cases, doing so until the mail eventaully bounces. While this policy is annoying, it's risen to the level of excruciatingly irritating after dealing with their tech support on the issue -- it's essentially nonexistent, and you have to really pester the crap out of them *and* fill out ridiculously long questionnaires on your server to get a human to reply long enough to fix the situation. I'm nearly at the point of fixing things with them, but it's taken me weeks.

Good luck with your system; I would start by visiting the URL and following the suggestions there.

Alex Kirk

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